The Brand Express

The Brand Express is an express route to building your brand foundations and creating a content strategy for your business. 

Through a series of group workshops you will uncover what makes your business wonderfully special, get clarity on your message and language and create an achievable plan of action for 2022 for creating content and building your business brand. 

I will hold four 2-hour workshops in the space of two weeks. This truly will be an action packed couple of weeks and give you the kickstart you need to get excited for your next year of business! 

The workshops will be as follows:

1. Business mission, vision and values

2. Ideal Client & Niche

3. Overall Marketing Plan and Initiatives for 2023

4. Content strategy, content generator and 12 week rinse and repeat content plan.

I intend for the workshops to be interactive and for the work to be undertaken during the allotted time together. However a lot will be covered in a short period of time and should you wish to go through the exercises on a deeper level after the workshops you will have access to the recordings and to the workbooks. 

Price includes 23% VAT