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Celebrating Love in Business

Ailish Flaherty | 14 February, 2023

            Celebrating Love in Business

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this day where we celebrate love in all forms, I want to celebrate using your heart and love in business. 

With a business name like Wild Heart I bet it's no surprise that I am someone who follows her heart, leads from her heart and is ultimately a wild romantic in all meanings of the phrase. It's my wild heart that allows me to romanticise ideas, take chances on something that just feels good and of course be open to all the experiences that entrepreneurship brings. In fact I know from experience that when I make decisions from my head or stay too long in my head that that is when my light starts to fade. That's when self doubt creeps in or when I lose that sense of joy and pleasure doing what I do. 

Business has always traditionally been a masculine energy and we have been conditioned to believe that in order to succeed you must always be doing, taking action and never getting caught up in emotions. In the corporate business world women have been taught to shut down their emotions and be more logical. To think instead of to feel.

This does not feel authentic to us and can often lead to exhaustion, burn out, stress, resentment, anxiety and even depression. By following this societal standard we are denying our natural authentic way of being. But we don't need to do this.  

We can use our hearts. By connecting to out hearts, cultivating and using our feminine energy in business we can find a more authentic way to do business and a more enjoyable way. A way that feels good and still brings about the results you want. 

What it means to use your heart and lean into your feminine energy in business:

It means using your emotions not shutting them down. Connecting to how you're feeling, how you want to feel. And using those feelings as a way to navigate creating what you want. 

It means taking heart-led actions. Not doing what you think you should do or what others say you should do. Doing what feels good, what feels, right, authentic, aligned or whatever word you want to use. Tuning into your heart and asking; will doing this work for my highest good? Is this something that my heart wants?

It means using empathy, compassion and understanding to communicate. Our feminine energy gives us the skill to understand others, to listen, to communicate in a way that allows others to be seen and heard. When we do this in business we allow our ideal client to be seen and heard. We shine a light on ourselves as the person who gets them, who understands them. Don't speak from fear, judgement or lack, speak from your hearts wisdom and understanding and your person will hear you and be open to you. 

It means following your joy. When you feel joy, your heart is open. When your heart is open you will receive more of what gives you joy. In business when you focus on the work that brings you joy, you open yourself up to receive more of the same. This goes for your personal life also. In your personal life, when you follow your joy and give yourself space and time for things that light you up and open your heart, the positive effects will overflow into your business. In the form of more energy, clear exciting ideas, new opportunities and more joy.

It means giving with love. When we are generous with our time, knowledge, wisdom, praise and talents we harness the law of value. When we lovingly give we open ourselves up to receive. 

It means allowing yourself to rest. To just be. To restore and replenish your energy. To not get caught up in the hustle or feeling guilty about not doing enough. To allow yourself to just be, trusting that everything is unfolding as it should.

It means sinking into your heart when looking for solutions or making decisions. Releasing yourself from the thinking mind so you can find clarity, peace, courage, strength and passion. 

It means using your creativity. Feminine energy is creative by nature. Allowing your creative juices to flow in what ever way feels good. 

It means showing up as you. Masculine energy is about doing. Feminine energy is about being. Being you. Authentically, heart centred you. Showing up as you and shining a light on yourself allowing others to see you, to really see you. 

Leading from the heart to nourish your soul

The business world is changing. There is a movement of women coming home to their hearts and creating businesses that nourish their soul. Finding ways to work that allows them flexibility and freedom. Finding ways to use their passions to fuel their purpose. Women building and rising up, using their natural magnetism and strength. Impacting the world with a profound ripple effect of healing, happiness, wealth and love.

For that I am celebrating love in business. I am celebrating loving my business. I am celebrating loving the opportunity to help you build yours. 

With love and light, 

Ailish x




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